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Consoles are going to die? I don’t think so Hideo Kojima

Posted in consoles,gaming by jbnet211 on April 13, 2010
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Hideo Kojima has recently stated that all game systems will be portable and we would have no need for consoles. Why that may be true, there will still be consoles. consoles in the very near future(or may be now) will have tivo capabilities, they will record shows and pause live TV. Imagine, you have an appointment with you buds to kill some newbies on the latest game, but you don’t want to miss you fav show. You can play some online gaming with you buds WHILE the TV show is being recorded on your console. Of course hard drives in console would be bigger. Around 500Gb at the lowest and maybe over 1Tb. There are many other innovations that will determine the future of consoles, if you have an idea, post them in the comments.
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USB stoarage for XBOX 360, why you may need it.

Posted in gaming,USB storage,XBOX 360 by jbnet211 on March 22, 2010
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The XBox 360 is a great system, great games and media content. But the problem that has plaque the system is memory. The memory cards are a joke, They kinda fix the problem with the Hard drives being too small by releasing the 60Gb & the 120Gb, but have seen the price for them? With the spring update comes a chance to give Xbox owners some more room. There are rumors about allowing USB storage devices to work on the 360. Those of us who have a 20Gb hard drive (me) will surly love having this. The size of the device starts must at 1Gb, but the max size aloud is only 16Gb. The reason why, I assume so Microsoft can make some money. 16Gb is good enough for the 20Gb hard drive owners. What can you do with an extra 1 to 16Gb of memory? well…

Xbox live Arcade game storage,

use the drive to put all you arcade games on to make more room on your hard drive.

Save file storage,

got too many save games, put them on the drive.

Music DLC storage,

Put all that music DLC for rock band and Guitar Hero on the drive.

DLC storage,

Got DLC that you don’t use anymore but still want it for achievement? put it on the drive.

The only problem, other than the max size of storage, is that you can put a game on the drive, but you still need the disc to play. Over all this is a great idea, I hope Microsoft goes though with it. If you have any more ideas about what to use USB external storage on the 360 for, post it in the comments.
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Wal-Mart, you lost your place in my gaming needs.

Posted in amazon,gaming,wal-mart by jbnet211 on March 11, 2010
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After a recent visit to my local Wal-Mart last week, I’ve decided to no longer to buy my games(unless they are $20 or under)there. Amazon will now get my gaming business. They have much lower prices and a better selection than Wal-Mart. Don’t have to pay shipping on my orders that are $25 dollars and above, and if they are below, the price for shipping is low enough that I don’t care that it will not add to the price. I’ve gotten use wanting for my games to come in the mail, so that won’t be a problem.  I never like that the games at Wal-Mart are behind glass, I like to read the back of the case, on Amazon, not only is there descriptions, but videos and customer reviews as well. And you can’t even take a controller of a rack without asking a clerk to unlock it, more point to amazon. Don’t worry Wal-Mart, so still sell cheap food, electronics, DVDs, and many others, you just lost the right to serve my gaming needs.

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