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Games revisited: Saints Row(xbox 360)

Posted in games revisted,gaming by jbnet211 on May 13, 2010
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Before  GTA IV, there was saints row. Yes, it might have been a GTA clone, but it’s a damn good clone. Saints Row takes place in the city of Stillwater, you are a random street punk dragged into a gang war with 3 other gangs to control the city. It is a good game, but when GTA IV came out, it turned the game into crap. But, if you have never played saints row or have played saints row 2, then you should check it out.

The controls to saints row are the “classic” race game type, use A for gas and X to stop. GTA IV was a big improvement on this, the trigger driving style is much easier. Plus firing a weapon is much harder from a car in Row is much harder that GTA IV. oh, and using weapons in general is not as good ether. No auto targeting is so much a pain in the ass, & talking about pains in the ass, switching weapons is best done under some cover. One thing different from GTA is health, you can regain heath. Ether by just waiting till it fills back up, or with fast food. Accessing your food supply(yea you gotta buy it) is done by the weapon select menu, & it is a pain in the ass to do use in a middle of a fire fight.

The missions are like GTA, but to have to unlock them with smaller missions called activities. the include gather hos for whore houses, driving an escort around, stealing and hijacking cars, and others. I really don’t mind the activities, you get achievements for completing all of them. The character customization is what separates saints row from GTA. You get to decide what your character looks like, from skin tone, the away the face looks, even the amount of muscle/fat you have. And the clothes section is not that bad(pimp cane, looks good AND “functional”)
The multiplayer………well let’s just say it’s a good thing you can’t do anymore.
I would call Saints Row the black GTA(I’m half black I can say that) This was the game to steal cars, raise random hell, and have free roaming fun in on the xbox 360 before GTA IV came out. It is still a great game to check out some time.
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