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Consoles are going to die? I don’t think so Hideo Kojima

Posted in consoles,gaming by jbnet211 on April 13, 2010
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Hideo Kojima has recently stated that all game systems will be portable and we would have no need for consoles. Why that may be true, there will still be consoles. consoles in the very near future(or may be now) will have tivo capabilities, they will record shows and pause live TV. Imagine, you have an appointment with you buds to kill some newbies on the latest game, but you don’t want to miss you fav show. You can play some online gaming with you buds WHILE the TV show is being recorded on your console. Of course hard drives in console would be bigger. Around 500Gb at the lowest and maybe over 1Tb. There are many other innovations that will determine the future of consoles, if you have an idea, post them in the comments.
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