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Peter Parker: whats going on in the real world man!

Posted in Comic Books,Marvel,Spider-man by jbnet211 on March 4, 2010
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Since Stan Lee (great appearance on The Big Bang Theory) creator Peter Parker/Spider-Man, he has the most connection with regular folks. Now a days he being used to make social cometary on what going on in real life, something that is not new in the comic book world(Captain America slugging a Tea Party member). With the DB getting bought, remade in to a gossip paper, then destroyed, symbolizing the closing of many papers across the county and a dying media, Marvel has used Parker’s world as  social commentary. Now with peter’s firing coming(honestly I would never let that info be released until the day the comic came out) Marvel is putting peter right in the recession, putting him though what many americans are going though now. I can wait for this issue and how peter deals with this and being spider-man. I hope he goes back to teaching, I liked when he was teaching. As the county recovers, I’m sure Peter Parker will too.

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